Mendokoro Ramenba

On one of our rare date nights, we decided to head to Salcedo Village in Makati City to try this famous Ramen resto. We thought there will be a shorter line since it’s the middle of the week and it’s already late (8:30pm), only to be shocked, sleepy and hungry for 2 hours while waitingContinue reading “Mendokoro Ramenba”

Travel: Sky View Lounge in NAIA 3

Travelling with our 2 daughters on this trip, we decided to go to the airport early so we won’t be rushing and stressing.  After checking in our luggages and passing through the Immigration, we proceeded to the Sky View Lounge.  It’s located on the 4th level and there are a lot of signs that willContinue reading “Travel: Sky View Lounge in NAIA 3”

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