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Experience Cashless Payments at McDonald’s

Went to McDonald’s Rockwell to have some ice cream! They already have the NXTGEN store format going on there. It is a new technology McDonald’s brought here in the Philippines, where you can self order and pay through cashless systems. It’s very easy and convenient. You pick everything you want from the menu, even theContinue reading “Experience Cashless Payments at McDonald’s”

Japan Visa 2017 (Multiple Entry)

This year, our branch is travelling to the Land of the Rising Sun on Holy Week.  No need to talk about our plane tickets as we got it really expensive.  Since we have the tickets already, we can move on to getting a Japan Visa.  For quite some time now, Japan is lenient in grantingContinue reading “Japan Visa 2017 (Multiple Entry)”

Travel: US Visa Approved!

Throwback to the day of our appointment: You can imagine our happy state as we walked away from the booth of the consul who said that our passports will be delivered in our address in the application!  My daughter’s got a twinkle in her eyes! On exactly the 5th day after the appointment, we receivedContinue reading “Travel: US Visa Approved!”

Travel: Our Journey to getting our Canadian Visa

With today’s technology, everything is made convenient.  You just need a computer, a scanner/printer and an internet connection and you are almost good to go. We thought applying for a Canadian Visa Online would be so easy.  All you need is to go to their website,  Fill up their application form.  Submit all theContinue reading “Travel: Our Journey to getting our Canadian Visa”

How to get a South Korean Visa

I thought getting a Korean Visa would be easy.  Boy!  Was I wrong! I think the Korean Embassy implemented stricter measures because of the influx of TNTs in their country. In our case, aside from my family, there were some colleagues of mine that would also be travelling to South Korea, so there were batchesContinue reading “How to get a South Korean Visa”