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Family Mode: Costumes for Halloween 2015

Last time we went Trick or Treating, it was in Gateway Mall and it was a disaster.  First time to bring 2 kids both  in costumes and it was just too much too handle. Fast forward to 2 years later.  Girls have grown up and there is an invitation to bring them to one event. Continue reading “Family Mode: Costumes for Halloween 2015”

Trick or Treat 2012!

It’s that time of the year again. Before Christmas, we mommies busy ourselves with finding the best costumes for our babies.  And also, looking for the most suitable Halloween event for them. Last year, my daughter Daphne had a blast experiencing her first Trick or Treat.  She went as Eency Weency Spider, she was justContinue reading “Trick or Treat 2012!”

Trick or Treat 2011

My daughter Daphne turned a year old this year and so I was excited for her to experience this event!  We already bought her costume last April when we went to Hong Kong for a family vacation! She’s going to be a spider, she just loves eency weency spider! And when she celebrated her firstContinue reading “Trick or Treat 2011”