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Family Mode: Plastic Balloon

During my time, toys were simpler.  As the kids were opening some of my gifts tonight, it was such fun to see a familiar toy during my time. The Plastic Balloon! It’s still on its old packaging. Tube that rolls open so you could get that plastic out, which you put and swirl on aContinue reading “Family Mode: Plastic Balloon”

Family Mode: Shopkins Christmas Tree

While we were decorating the tree with the usual ornaments, it got a little boring.  It’s lacking something. I look around the room and saw my daughters’ Shopkins figures.  That gave me an idea and that’s what led to our Shopkins Christmas Tree! Our tree may be small but it’s Super Cute!  Close look ofContinue reading “Family Mode: Shopkins Christmas Tree”

When Disaster Strikes

This is how it looked like in our room tonight! Kids’ toys, books, crayons, and what nots all over our bedroom floor!  It took me a few hours before I finally sorted everything in their own places!  And now my back is aching like crazy.  When it touched the bed, I couldn’t move anymore.  ThisContinue reading “When Disaster Strikes”

Daphne’s Funny & Embarrasing Story at Kid’s Workshop!

All day long, me and my hubby had a jampacked schedule.  It started with the Parent’s Orientation at Daphne’s school.  Then, we went home for lunch.  After which, we went straight to the temple for my father’s 100 days.  Every time we leave the house, Daphne was left with a promise that we’ll take herContinue reading “Daphne’s Funny & Embarrasing Story at Kid’s Workshop!”