Where to eat in Subic?

Shopping posts done now, what else to do in Subic but EAT! Since this was just an overnight stay and we have free breakfast from our hotel, we only got to eat 2 meals inside Subic. Would we pass the chance to eat at good ‘ol Meatplus? The answer is NO! The place was stillContinue reading “Where to eat in Subic?”

Subic = Shopping

Being in Subic reminds me of so many memories especially during my childhood. It is just so sad that it’s not as it’s used to be now. When we were there last weekend, it looked a little like ghost town in some parts, not much people to be seen in the streets. The shopping centersContinue reading “Subic = Shopping”

Terrace Hotel Subic Bay

A very relaxing weekend with my bae! This wouldn’t have happened without the help of Panoramictrip! You see, a few months ago, I joined their Summer Craze promo and I won! Wanna know how? Click this link! I won a hotel stay at Terrace Hotel Subic Bay. Terrace Hotel is a 4 storey boutique hotelContinue reading “Terrace Hotel Subic Bay”

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