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The First Starbucks Store Ever!

Had the opportunity to visit the first Starbucks store ever! This is located in Pike Place in Seattle, USA! Take a look at the marker! I’m not that much of a Starbucks collector but I figured I was already there in Pike Place and there might not be another chance so off I go toContinue reading “The First Starbucks Store Ever!”


Seems that Starbucks lovers are up for some good times this May!   Starbucks launched their Php100.00 For A Grande Promo today! This promo will be ongoing for all Wednesdays of May from 3pm to 6pm. There will be a Frappucino Fan Flavor for each date. Today, May 3, is for Caramel Fanatics. Check outContinue reading “#GrandeWednesday”

Starbucks celebrates Earth Day!

Calling Starbucks lovers out there! In celebration of Earth Day, Starbucks will be selling this limited edition Starbucks Night Sky Reusable Cup for only Php 100.00!  You just need to purchase any Grande Handcrafted Beverage.  There is no limit as long as you purchase the required number of Grande Handcrafted Beverage.   This will beContinue reading “Starbucks celebrates Earth Day!”