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Tonsilitis – Take It Seriously

It’s my first post for the year and guess what, it is me battling Tonsilitis! Never knew Tonsilitis could knock me out like this.  It has been almost 4 days now.  Started with chills and slight fever on Tuesday night.  No signs of inflammation of my tonsils yet so I thought maybe I was coming downContinue reading “Tonsilitis – Take It Seriously”

Family Mode: Madame Pearl’s BreathEasy Patch

It’s unfortunate that Baby Number 1 got sick on our first day of vacation.  Fortunately, I always bring their medicines when we travel.  But aside from the medicines, there are some other things which can help us. And that’s what I like here in Hong Kong.  They have a wide selection of over the counterContinue reading “Family Mode: Madame Pearl’s BreathEasy Patch”

What is Kawasaki Disease?

When Dr Alex, Daphne’s pediatrician, told me that Kawasaki is the opposite of Dengue and that to treat it would need confinement, that alone scared the hell out of me! In Dengue, the blood platelets decrease.  In Kawasaki, the blood platelets shoot up! So upon getting home, I immediately looked up Kawasaki on the net.Continue reading “What is Kawasaki Disease?”

our dog sparkey is also sick

Everytime somebody in our family gets sick, our dog gets sick also. Kawawang sparkey… Since yesterday, wala syang gana kumain. Then, when he does, he keeps on throwing up. Hay… should have him check also. I think he’s also feeling the heat. Before, he doesn’t want to bathe in cold water. Nanginginig talaga sya. ButContinue reading “our dog sparkey is also sick”

my cough won’t let me sleep

I am writing this because I am experiencing it right now.  I can’t sleep. I’ve been struck by a cough and cold virus. And I was told by my OB not to take any meds.  Even those that I take before I got pregnant. I wrote about what she told me to do a fewContinue reading “my cough won’t let me sleep”