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almost there!

it’s been a while since i last wrote here… it’s due to many things… – our desktop broke down due to some virus… – i’m almost due to give birth! – i’m always tired and sleepy… the second and third thing are mostly and usually the culprit.. coz there’s this laptop to use naman… i’mContinue reading “almost there!”

my cough won’t let me sleep

I am writing this because I am experiencing it right now.  I can’t sleep. I’ve been struck by a cough and cold virus. And I was told by my OB not to take any meds.  Even those that I take before I got pregnant. I wrote about what she told me to do a fewContinue reading “my cough won’t let me sleep”

breastmilk is still best for babies

Breastfeeding Pros: Breast is best – provides essential antibodies he won’t get elsewhere, enhances brain development, and lowers risk of asthma and diabetes Good for you – burns calories (500 per day) and may lessen risk of breast cancer and osteoporosis Convenience and cost – you can go anywhere without packing a lot of bottles,Continue reading “breastmilk is still best for babies”

a portion of an old entry – food i love…

SEVEN KINDS OF FOOD I LOVE Chocolates Ice Cream Chicken Dishes Pasta – I love the Carbonara Denz cooks for me Potato Chips Biscuits with chocolate Mango Shake While I was browsing through my old posts in my old blogs, I found a portion really interesting. I listed the Seven Kinds of Food I Love.Continue reading “a portion of an old entry – food i love…”