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The Stamp Studio

I am taking a break from my travel posts and talk about my addiction nowadays. Before you react, this is not a bad addiction, in fact, this is a very useful addiction! My friend introduced me to his sister’s newest venture, The Stamp Studio. And right now, I already have 4 stamps. 1 for theContinue reading “The Stamp Studio”

Shopping: Personalized Tshirts for Giveaways – Disney’s Tsum Tsum

Just gonna plug another of our rakets (business).  Pardon me but a mommy’s gotta do what she needs to do to give the kids a nice future! Aside from my Lock-It Lockets, me and my husband also dabble in printing Personalized Tshirts.  This started when we couldn’t think of a party souvenir for our first born’sContinue reading “Shopping: Personalized Tshirts for Giveaways – Disney’s Tsum Tsum”

Lifestyle: Wired

Stumbled upon this concept store in U.P. Town Center’s Tiangge last weekend. I love anything personalized and customized so this really caught my attention! The MAIKala Wire Concepts offers a wide variety of handmade stuff, from keychains to bookmarks.  Their items are made from wire.  All for a practical 100 to 200 pesos. Being aContinue reading “Lifestyle: Wired”

Public Service: Artistically Tristanne

You might be curious as to why I titled this blog post as Public Service.  Well, I personally think that I am doing the public a favor by introducing them this super duper talented and artistic lady who goes by the name of Tristanne.  I am always in awe when I see her Facebook postsContinue reading “Public Service: Artistically Tristanne”

Family Mode: Gift Giving

Simple gifts for our daughter’s classmates…  Spread the love, spread some sweets… Let’s all eat some huge mallows! DIY Personalized and Customized gift tags for each one of them!  Credits to Daddy again! Kids were the ones who put the stickers on. They enjoyed it so much. On a serious note, instilling the value ofContinue reading “Family Mode: Gift Giving”