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Food Trip: McDo’s New Chicken Fillet ala King

I have always been a fan of McDo’s Chicken Fillet with Rice.  Not only it’s cheap, it’s tasty too! For only Php50.00, you can get a decent meal with drinks! Now, they have launched a variety of this meal and it’s called Chicken Fillet ala King.  For only Php59.00, you can get the same meal. Continue reading “Food Trip: McDo’s New Chicken Fillet ala King”

Milkee’s Best Polvoron

Hey guys!  There is this new Polvoron coming out in the markets soon! It’s not your regular polvoron.  It’s chocolate-coated!  For this variant though, the coating is white chocolate.  Then the flavor inside is Cookies & Cream.  The polvoron is packed individually so it’s easy to carry around or give away. This is how itContinue reading “Milkee’s Best Polvoron”

New: McRib by Mcdo

Tried the new Mcdo Pork Rib or the McRib the other night.  You can either have it Regular or Deluxe.  The difference is only the strips of veggies on top.  As you can see on top picture, the bread is way bigger than the actual rib patty.  First impression lasted pretty easily when I tookContinue reading “New: McRib by Mcdo”