Film Review: The Mechanic

Lead Actor: Jason Statham Jason portrays the role of an assassin which is called “The Mechanic!” He is employed by a secret company lead by the character Dean! Everything was going well when he was tasked to kill one of the company’s pioneer assassin who was also his friend. He was told by Dean thatContinue reading “Film Review: The Mechanic”

it’s complicated (the movie)

It’s Complicated stars Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin. It is a funny movie, I must say. It’s about a couple who divorced, living their own lives, and got in the middle of something when they got together for their son’s college graduation. They thought they have something, but really, they don’t anymore. The stars mayContinue reading “it’s complicated (the movie)”

green zone

We just finished watching a good movie entitled “GREEN ZONE.” Damon teams up once again with Paul Greengrass, the director who gave us The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum.  Both these films received numerous awards. The movie was set in Green Zone, Baghdad, Iraq.  It narrates how the US Government led the people inContinue reading “green zone”

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