Family Mode: Moon Cake Dice Game (The Prizes)

This has been our family’s tradition for so many years already.  I remember Papa introducing the game to us before and our prizes will be Hopias!  1 whole set of Hopias from the littlest one to the biggest one which is the Grand Prize.  I remember eating the mini hopias as the game goes. ItContinue reading “Family Mode: Moon Cake Dice Game (The Prizes)”

Family Mode: Mid-Autumn Festival

Aside from the Chinese New Year, there is this one occasion that we look forward to.  So many festivities going around this month.  But before we get busy with the festivities, let’s go back to basics.  Why do we really celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival? Mid-Autumn Festival ( 中秋節) is celebrated during the 15th day ofContinue reading “Family Mode: Mid-Autumn Festival”

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