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Experience Cashless Payments at McDonald’s

Went to McDonald’s Rockwell to have some ice cream! They already have the NXTGEN store format going on there. It is a new technology McDonald’s brought here in the Philippines, where you can self order and pay through cashless systems. It’s very easy and convenient. You pick everything you want from the menu, even theContinue reading “Experience Cashless Payments at McDonald’s”

Food Trip: Shake Shake Fries

Even if we have McDo in Manila, we always find ourselves in McDo Hong Kong.  Why?  Because they usually offer a lot more than we do.  A good example is their Shake Shake Fries.  In the Philippines, you need to pay if you want your fries flavored.  Here in Hong Kong, they give you aContinue reading “Food Trip: Shake Shake Fries”

Food Trip: McDo McGriddles

If you are a fan of McDonald’s Sausage McMuffin AND Pancakes, you are in for a treat with their new offering, the new McGriddles.  This is actually a combination of the 2.  McGriddles has 3 variations: the Bacon Egg and Cheese McGriddles, the Sausage McGriddles and the one I tried, the Sausage Egg and CheeseContinue reading “Food Trip: McDo McGriddles”

Food Trip: McDo’s New Chicken Fillet ala King

I have always been a fan of McDo’s Chicken Fillet with Rice.  Not only it’s cheap, it’s tasty too! For only Php50.00, you can get a decent meal with drinks! Now, they have launched a variety of this meal and it’s called Chicken Fillet ala King.  For only Php59.00, you can get the same meal. Continue reading “Food Trip: McDo’s New Chicken Fillet ala King”

New: McRib by Mcdo

Tried the new Mcdo Pork Rib or the McRib the other night.  You can either have it Regular or Deluxe.  The difference is only the strips of veggies on top.  As you can see on top picture, the bread is way bigger than the actual rib patty.  First impression lasted pretty easily when I tookContinue reading “New: McRib by Mcdo”

Sunday Funday with Little Friends!

It was an impromptu plan but it was definitely FUN!  My friends Ann and Haidz, together with their daughters and yayas, met us (me, hubby, Daphne & Denise, yaya) at McDo Quezon Avenue for breakfast!  Our kids almost belong to the same age group!  They enjoyed the Play Area with their yayas while we parentsContinue reading “Sunday Funday with Little Friends!”