Food Trip: Oh My Bap Burger

Impromptu movie date with hubby led us to an impromptu food trip at the Theatre Mall.  Many may not know that behind that huge facade of popular restaurants just outside Theater Mall, lies a food court filled with unique food ideas. One of those is Oh My Bap Burger!  Check out their extensive menu andContinue reading “Food Trip: Oh My Bap Burger”

Beauty: BeautyBrick Hair Art Studio

Growing my hair for quite some time now because I want to have it curled. Yes, you heard read it right.  After some dilly dallying, and some inspiration, I finally set that appointment. Saturday at 3:50pm, we arrived just in time for our appointment of 4pm.  Upon entering the salon, we were greeted by everyone.Continue reading “Beauty: BeautyBrick Hair Art Studio”

Food Trip: Makchang

It’s Saturday night!  Time to eat!!! With the kids left at home, we are free to satisfy our taste buds and bellies! We are here now in Makchang located in Adriatico Street, Malate! Even at 9pm, the place is bustling!  We got there and we were welcomed by Makchang’s staff with delight in the soundContinue reading “Food Trip: Makchang”

Ye Dang – Korea Trip Hangover

For Mother’s Day Celebration, we decided to try Ye Dang here in Meralco Avenue.  Heard that it’s good here. We can’t get enough of our Korea Vacation. So here we are still eating Korean Food! What greeted me when I entered the door! The place is bustling!  Full house and it’s only 6:30pm! As ofContinue reading “Ye Dang – Korea Trip Hangover”

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