Singapore Airline Kiddie Giveaways!

I am beginning to love flying non budget airlines! ¬†Aside from the good service and almost on time flights, they always have something for our kids! Just a few months ago, we were given kiddie bags by Cathay Pacific! And now, Singapore Airlines surprised us with their own kiddie giveaways! I loved it so muchContinue reading “Singapore Airline Kiddie Giveaways!”

Kiddie Bags from Cathay Pacific!

I am not sure if all Cathay Pacific flights give out these cute little kiddie bags. We didn’t even know they have these! ¬†Grateful for our seatmate on that particular flight because she was the one who asked for them! It’s Disney and it’s Mickey and Friends! This yellow and very light backpack contains aContinue reading “Kiddie Bags from Cathay Pacific!”

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