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Hong Kong Food Trip 2017

Going to Hong Kong in February is recommended.  The weather is so nice.  It’s cold and windy, around 12 degrees Celsius.  Even around noontime, you will not feel the sun because it’s cloudy. Nice to walk around and just feel the breeze in your face while you’re all warm and bundled up in your jackets.Continue reading “Hong Kong Food Trip 2017”

Food: NAIA3 Food Hall

The NAIA 3 is definitely transforming! The Food Hall is now open and there’s a variety of new restos / fast foods to check out.  And they are still expanding! All the restos have huge spaces.  The hall is well lit up and with cool air conditioning. The restos differ in their opening and closingContinue reading “Food: NAIA3 Food Hall”

Food Trip: Double Down KFC Double Down

Who is a fan of KFC’s Double Down?  You are in for a treat.  Just make sure your cholesterol levels are low!!! KFC will be offering a BUY 1 TAKE 1 on its Double Down this January 19.  It is a one day affair so better make time. Don’t forget to put a hashtag ifContinue reading “Food Trip: Double Down KFC Double Down”