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What is Kawasaki Disease?

When Dr Alex, Daphne’s pediatrician, told me that Kawasaki is the opposite of Dengue and that to treat it would need confinement, that alone scared the hell out of me! In Dengue, the blood platelets decrease. ┬áIn Kawasaki, the blood platelets shoot up! So upon getting home, I immediately looked up Kawasaki on the net.Continue reading “What is Kawasaki Disease?”

Treating Kawasaki Disease

Before we go on with the treatment, let us identify first what are the serious illnesses that can affect the heart when Kawasaki is diagnosed! According to medicinenet, children with Kawasaki Disease can develop vasculitis, which is inflammation of the arteries of various parts of the body. Vasculitis can cause weakening of the blood vesselsContinue reading “Treating Kawasaki Disease”

Daphne’s Kawasaki Scare!

Daphne had all the symptoms of a Kawasaki virus, that’s why her pediatrician, Dr Alexander Koa Lee, immediately requested for a CBC Platelet count! It was really a scare! She has been suffering from viral infections before this. She had cough and cold and was having slight fevers! A week ago, when she was recovering,Continue reading “Daphne’s Kawasaki Scare!”