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Public Service: Online Ticketing at Robinson’s Movieworld

There are only a few cinemas that we watch movies on. Our most favorite is the Dolby Atmos Cinemas at the new Promenade Cinema in Greenhills. Then for the others, it’s usually Lucky Chinatown Cinema in Binondo or Robinson’s Movieworld in Magnolia. We planned this movie date since the first day showing of A SecondContinue reading “Public Service: Online Ticketing at Robinson’s Movieworld”

How to get a South Korean Visa

I thought getting a Korean Visa would be easy.  Boy!  Was I wrong! I think the Korean Embassy implemented stricter measures because of the influx of TNTs in their country. In our case, aside from my family, there were some colleagues of mine that would also be travelling to South Korea, so there were batchesContinue reading “How to get a South Korean Visa”