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Morning Eats at Greenhills!

This is where you could eat when roaming around Greenhills early in the morning on a Saturday. Fresh from the Promenade, walked towards the strip of restos in front of Shoppesville. 1) Krispy Kreme 2) McDonald’s 3) Max’s 4) Tim Horton’s 5) Army Navy 6) Casa Reyes 7) Bulacan Lugaw Kitchen 8) Dunkin Donuts 9)Continue reading “Morning Eats at Greenhills!”

Killing Time (at Greenhills Shopping Center) in the Middle of A.P.E.

When you’re employed, having an Annual Physical Exam is required. It usually takes up a whole day or more if you need to do some follow up tests or if you need to see a different doctor. In my case, today is my 2nd follow up and I came in as scheduled for my laboratoryContinue reading “Killing Time (at Greenhills Shopping Center) in the Middle of A.P.E.”