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Monday Blues!

Weekend’s over!  So here comes Monday Blues.  Let us start the week with some funny pictures that pertains to what we are dealing with right now. But hey, Monday is only an 8 hour shift in the office.  So, cheer up! Happy Monday everyone! Disclaimer: All photos are taken from Google Images and their respectiveContinue reading “Monday Blues!”

My funny kids

Last night, it was sleeping time already, so I went out of the room to get milk for the 2 kids.  About 3 minutes after, I went back to the room with 2 bottles of milk, only to find out that they have doodled and were still doodling and drawing lines some walls with theirContinue reading “My funny kids”

Joan Po Lang

Something funny happened at the office today!  After his transaction, client asked for my colleague’s name.  She answered, “Joan po.”  (She was being respectful and answered with “po”) He said, “Ha? Chinese ka?” (He thought “Po” was her Surname.) She said, “Joan lang.” (She meant her name was only “Joan”.) He said, “Joan Lang? ChineseContinue reading “Joan Po Lang”

Daphne’s Funny & Embarrasing Story at Kid’s Workshop!

All day long, me and my hubby had a jampacked schedule.  It started with the Parent’s Orientation at Daphne’s school.  Then, we went home for lunch.  After which, we went straight to the temple for my father’s 100 days.  Every time we leave the house, Daphne was left with a promise that we’ll take herContinue reading “Daphne’s Funny & Embarrasing Story at Kid’s Workshop!”