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Food Trip: Brad and Pit’s Ribshack

New place to hang out.  Still in Kapitolyo.  I love this area.  A hub of old and new places for foodies like me. Brad and Pit’s is my kind of place.  A little bit rustic, the walls full of chalkboard with sayings and what nots. This is a place for a good chill out timeContinue reading “Food Trip: Brad and Pit’s Ribshack”

Food Trip: Shake Shake Fries

Even if we have McDo in Manila, we always find ourselves in McDo Hong Kong.  Why?  Because they usually offer a lot more than we do.  A good example is their Shake Shake Fries.  In the Philippines, you need to pay if you want your fries flavored.  Here in Hong Kong, they give you aContinue reading “Food Trip: Shake Shake Fries”