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pure raw talent

I saw this video on a friend’s wall, and this guy is amazing! He sang a Tagalog Song titled “Iisa Pa Lamang,” but he did it in 2 voices! A man and a woman’s doing duet! The owner of the video Dupz Villamor, wrote in the video’s caption, that he found him singing inside theContinue reading “pure raw talent”


Update Your Status… A Valentine Concert!

Excited to watch The Soul Siren Nina’s Valentine Concert tomorrow, February 13 at the Music Museum with Hubby. To catch up with today’s Facebook Age, the concert was aptly called “Update Your Status.” Cool poster also! Guest artist would be Luke Mejares! I am pretty sure that the concert will be filled with lovebirds likeContinue reading “Update Your Status… A Valentine Concert!”

Getting FB slightly out of my system!

I just realized that I should be slightly getting Facebook out of my system as it’s taking the time that I should be writing on this blog! I want to write about a lot of things but I just don’t have the time or so I think! Maybe if I am not so busy focusingContinue reading “Getting FB slightly out of my system!”

My Baby Daphne turned MODEL!

My Baby Daphne turned into a Model at SM Department Store MOA last June 22, 2011. They made her wear this floral blouse which was from the Country Couture Line of SM Kids Fashion. This picture was posted at SM Kids Fashion Facebook Page. I think my princess has the potential to become a kidContinue reading “My Baby Daphne turned MODEL!”