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Hong Kong Food Trip 2017 Part 3

Staying in Hong Kong for a week is like going to food paradise!  Tried out so many restos and now here comes our part 3.  Check out Part 1 and Part 2 also. In times that we don’t eat out, these kinds of food are served on our table.  Veggie dishes cooked by my brother in law and hisContinue reading “Hong Kong Food Trip 2017 Part 3”


Food Trip: Magnolia Ice Cream House

Instead of the usual Birthday Dinner for my daughter’s exact birthday celebration, we had an Ice Cream Celebration at Magnolia House. Thank you to the staff and management of the Magnolia House for giving us a cutie ice cream cake.  They even played a birthday song and sang for our baby! For the kids, weContinue reading “Food Trip: Magnolia Ice Cream House”

Food Trip: Craft Coffee Revolution

After our Ramen dinner, we decided to go someplace else.  Our choice? Craft Coffee Revolution at New Manila. It’s a quaint little coffee shop but it sure is big on the quality of its coffee and desserts. Photo grabbed from Craft Coffee Revolution’s Facebook Page I am not a coffee drinker, let’s get that straight. Continue reading “Food Trip: Craft Coffee Revolution”