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Food Trip: Livestock PH

Finally!  We were able to try the No. 1 Crispy Pata in town!!! True to what it advertises, you could use a popsicle stick to cut it.  Super crunchy on the outside, but the meat is so tender, it almost melts in your mouth. Also, one of the biggest Crispy Patas I have seen asContinue reading “Food Trip: Livestock PH”

Food Trip: Kyochon

Here we go again for some Korean Food Trip! Eating Kyochon for tonight’s dinner.  It’s Lee Min Ho you’ll see when you settle down in the table.  Such a refreshing face. I love that Kyochon tells us consumers that they cook our meals with fresh ingredients, different from instant food that we are accustomed to.Continue reading “Food Trip: Kyochon”