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My Hospital Bag Essentials!

This is a late post. ¬†Being a new mom again (for the 2nd time!) and adjusting for all the things that happened last 2012. I gave birth December 09, 2012 via an Elective C-Section. ¬†Here are my essentials for my Hospital Bag! I actually brought with me in the hospital 1 set of clothes forContinue reading “My Hospital Bag Essentials!”


almost there!

it’s been a while since i last wrote here… it’s due to many things… – our desktop broke down due to some virus… – i’m almost due to give birth! – i’m always tired and sleepy… the second and third thing are mostly and usually the culprit.. coz there’s this laptop to use naman… i’mContinue reading “almost there!”

getting ready for the big day!

I’m on my 6th month of pregnancy and I can’t help but wonder about a few things. You see, this is my first child and I’m so scared about what will happen comes the big day! Big Day means the DAY! The Day I will give birth to this beautiful child inside me. But howContinue reading “getting ready for the big day!”