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Food: Tea*Rock Cafe

Looking for a place to chill in the QC area?   Love tea, coffee or any drink in between? Want to taste one of the best chicken chops in town? If you answered YES YES YES, then Tea*Rock is the place for you! Discovered Tea*Rock just recently and I can’t wait to go back! LoveContinue reading “Food: Tea*Rock Cafe”

Food Trip: Hungry Sumo

Decided to try out Hungry Sumo here in Retiro! I like the homey feel of the interior.  Red and yellow are 2 of my favorite colors!  Seems biased?  Nah, these colors have been tried and tested as good colors for fastfood joints.  I chose their Original Chicken Steak.  This set is a Hungry Meal –Continue reading “Food Trip: Hungry Sumo”