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The Burgery

Sawa na ba kayo sa mga usual burger joints? Ipapakilala ko sa inyo ang isa sa mga kakaiba at napakasarap na burger na malapit lang at kayang abutin! Halika na sa Circuit Makati at puntahan ang The Burgery! The burgers here are to die for! There are a variety of burgers to order! You canContinue reading “The Burgery”


Food Trip: Sham Shui Po Eats

Whenever we go to Sham Shui Po, it’s almost our tradition to have lunch at Dragon Centre first before we proceed with our shopping.  Dragon Centre is a 9 storey shopping arcade which features a roller coaster inside the mall.  Sadly, the roller coaster is there for display only.  It has been closed since midContinue reading “Food Trip: Sham Shui Po Eats”