Beauty Brick Hair Art Studio 2018

Going on a long trip and I wouldn’t want anything else than a beautiful no fuss look everyday! So here I went yet again to Beauty Brick and looked for the master, Mr Shin! I was more than excited as I reached Dona Consolacion Building along Jupiter Street in Makati! The salon was buzzing whenContinue reading “Beauty Brick Hair Art Studio 2018”

Beauty: BeautyBrick Hair Art Studio

Growing my hair for quite some time now because I want to have it curled. Yes, you heard read it right.  After some dilly dallying, and some inspiration, I finally set that appointment. Saturday at 3:50pm, we arrived just in time for our appointment of 4pm.  Upon entering the salon, we were greeted by everyone.Continue reading “Beauty: BeautyBrick Hair Art Studio”

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