Food Trip: Lola Ote’s

One who hasn’t tried a good old barbecue grilled on a barbecue stand along a busy corner in a neighborhood is probably missing a lot! Back when we were living in our house in Cavite, we were fortunate enough to be in front of a house who sells the most delicious barbecue I have everContinue reading “Food Trip: Lola Ote’s”

Food Trip: Makchang

It’s Saturday night!  Time to eat!!! With the kids left at home, we are free to satisfy our taste buds and bellies! We are here now in Makchang located in Adriatico Street, Malate! Even at 9pm, the place is bustling!  We got there and we were welcomed by Makchang’s staff with delight in the soundContinue reading “Food Trip: Makchang”

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