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Happy Things!

A lot of things have happened this past week and I needed to divert the nega vibes that have been lingering for a time now. What else there is to do other than shopping?  Uhm, rather, online shopping… Hubby’s looking at me at this moment, I look at him and say, I’m just browsing… ToContinue reading “Happy Things!”


My Horoscope Today

Just when I was supposed to splurge on a Luxury Bag, my Horoscope reads like this! I don’t usually read my horoscope but now, this gets me thinking, IS THIS A SIGN?  I think so! It’s in Filipino but here’s the direct translation: Tighten your belt, budget and try to limit unnecessary expenses.  You willContinue reading “My Horoscope Today”


To say that I LOVE BAGS is an understatement! Lately, I have been addicted to shopping for bags! I love browsing on bag brands’ websites to check on new designs, in fact I subscribe to their newsletter so I’ll be notified in case there are new arrivals or even SALES!  I check out sales becauseContinue reading “I LOVE BAGS!!!”

Voucher Review – Groupon – Tory Burch Ella Tote Bag (The Bag that never Came)

When:  February 1, 2013 Where: Online Shop What:  Tory Burch Ella Tote Bag Price:  Php 5995.00 valued at Php 10,650.00 / savings Php 4,655.00 Groupon Site: Groupon Philippines / Deal Here   This is the story of the bag that never came! Delivery was supposed to start February 15, and would end 10 working days after that.Continue reading “Voucher Review – Groupon – Tory Burch Ella Tote Bag (The Bag that never Came)”