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Burrow Cafe

Midweek food crawl brought us to Antipolo! Tucked away inside a village, under a burrow, is Burrow Cafe. Right after the village gate, it’s a long and winding road going to the location. It’s another long way down to the burrow. It’s funny how they lived up to their name. We almost didn’t know thatContinue reading “Burrow Cafe”

Yellow Bird Cafe x Kitchen

Tayo na sa Antipolo! (Let’s go to Antipolo!) Decided to spend Mother’s Day (late) lunch here at Yellow Bird Cafe in Antipolo! Life is Beautiful. 😍 I love the exterior and interior of the whole place. It’s full of greens, very easy on the eyes. The sunlight peeking through the blinds, makes the place trulyContinue reading “Yellow Bird Cafe x Kitchen”