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Entertainment: Chocolate NIPS jingles

When I first heard this jingle on radio, memories flashed back.  The times we used to sing the old Nips Jingle and make actions using our hands.  Now, fast forward to 2016 and I am hearing a familiar jingle all over again.  While I  was searching for a copy of the newest jingle, I foundContinue reading “Entertainment: Chocolate NIPS jingles”

pure raw talent

I saw this video on a friend’s wall, and this guy is amazing! He sang a Tagalog Song titled “Iisa Pa Lamang,” but he did it in 2 voices! A man and a woman’s doing duet! The owner of the video Dupz Villamor, wrote in the video’s caption, that he found him singing inside theContinue reading “pure raw talent”

stealing valuables inside a locked bag is easy

I saw this video from a friend.  I just reposted it because it’s really an eye opener! For those who travel a lot, be sure to not leave your valuables in your luggages because you’ll never know what happens when it goes out of your sight. Go to the site below to watch the video.Continue reading “stealing valuables inside a locked bag is easy”