How to get a South Korean Visa

I thought getting a Korean Visa would be easy.  Boy!  Was I wrong! I think the Korean Embassy implemented stricter measures because of the influx of TNTs in their country. In our case, aside from my family, there were some colleagues of mine that would also be travelling to South Korea, so there were batchesContinue reading “How to get a South Korean Visa”

South Korea 2015

A month to go and we are off to our yearly family vacation! Need to finalize our itinerary so we could maximize our time there! So far, we’ve got tickets which we got very cheap and our accommodation is already booked. Also, our Korean Visas are out!  A different post on that! As early asContinue reading “South Korea 2015”

LRT Line 2 – Observations

The almost 3 weeks that I have been taking the LRT Line 2, my route is usually either from V Mapa or Pureza Station going to Recto Station and vice versa.  Since I am always on the lookout for anything and everything on my surrounding, here are what I observed in the stations I haveContinue reading “LRT Line 2 – Observations”

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