Mesa Filipino Moderne Cuisine

Love Filipino Cuisine?  You gotta try Mesa.  Been around for a while but they still serve some of the best Filipino dishes here in Manila.  Unique and with a twist. Let us start with their appetizer.  Tinapa Roll. Served in Chinese spoons.  The lumpia wrapper is crunchy.  Enough tinapa (smoked fish) meat for real tinapaContinue reading “Mesa Filipino Moderne Cuisine”

Ryoko’s Place ← our home away from home

When travelling to an expensive location like Japan, chances are, hotels could be very expensive too!  That is why, I am so thankful for Airbnb.  Not only do we get to save a lot from booking a hotel, we experience how it is to have a home away from home. Ryoko is a superhost andContinue reading “Ryoko’s Place ← our home away from home”


A trip to Megamall one Saturday led us to Singapore.  Yes, to Singapore! Makansutra is a like a food hub with various restos and each of them has its own Singaporean food specialty. The place is interestingly nice.  I like its artistic interior here and there.  Even the tables and chairs stand out on theirContinue reading “makansutra”

Caution Hot!

Check this new ramen house which you could mix with your choice of hotness! Sounds hot right?  Check out this spicy restaurant. They opened in Kapitolyo recently and the place is packed. Don’t expect a full menu of ramen though.  Mixing and matching is their thing. Our choices: 1) Beef with Egg Noodles in ClassicContinue reading “Caution Hot!”

Baguio 2017: Newtown Hotel

An impromptu trip to Baguio left us with no other choice but to find the most comfortable and cleanest hotel we could get at the last minute. That is why I am so thankful for travel websites like, Traveloka and the others.  You can just go online, find a place and book easily.  BookingContinue reading “Baguio 2017: Newtown Hotel”

Food: Tea*Rock Cafe

Looking for a place to chill in the QC area?   Love tea, coffee or any drink in between? Want to taste one of the best chicken chops in town? If you answered YES YES YES, then Tea*Rock is the place for you! Discovered Tea*Rock just recently and I can’t wait to go back! LoveContinue reading “Food: Tea*Rock Cafe”

Food: The Goodness of 100% Buffalo Milk

We are always left with no room for dessert after we have a meal.  So we decided to have desserts first! Braved the drive from Batangas to Sta Rosa just to have a taste.  We don’t regret skipping dinner over pastillas and ice cream! Buffy’s is a quaint little store that sells Fresh Buffalo Milk,Continue reading “Food: The Goodness of 100% Buffalo Milk”

Food: Cafe Aquatica Manila

Good news for everyone!  Cafe Aquatica, that famous and relaxing fish shop / cafe in Greenhills, just opened their 2nd shop in Binondo, Manila! It’s very near my workplace, about 5 minute walk.  This new branch is just a quaint coffee shop / restaurant.  Don’t expect something like their branch in Greenhills.   It stillContinue reading “Food: Cafe Aquatica Manila”

Food Trip: Oh My Bap Burger

Impromptu movie date with hubby led us to an impromptu food trip at the Theatre Mall.  Many may not know that behind that huge facade of popular restaurants just outside Theater Mall, lies a food court filled with unique food ideas. One of those is Oh My Bap Burger!  Check out their extensive menu andContinue reading “Food Trip: Oh My Bap Burger”

Food Trip: Meat Depot

New concept.  New idea.  New place. Meat Depot is it!  Somewhere along Banawe, you’ll see a black and white signage.  It says Meat Depot / Wholesale Retail / Better Meat Better Price. It definitely says it all.  So what do we expect? I’ll take you through the experience. Upon entering the shop, it looks likeContinue reading “Food Trip: Meat Depot”

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