Family Mode: Minion Domino

Found a new game for my kids in my recent trip to Hong Kong.  It’s a Minion Domino!  The box and the instruction sheet are not in English but I thought it wouldn’t matter when they are playing already.  True to my words, the girls enjoyed playing the dominoes.  The pictures of the Minion charactersContinue reading “Family Mode: Minion Domino”

Family Mode: Easter 2016

A few days to go before Easter, so busy that this post is only now.  Don’t worry though, I am sure you could still find a venue for your kids.  I did just last week! If you have a family member who is arriving or just arrived from abroad, Duty Free Philippines Fiestamall is theContinue reading “Family Mode: Easter 2016”

Family Mode: Visiting Tsim Sha Tsui

We chose a day to take the kids out.  We decided to bring them to Tsim Sha Tsui where one of the biggest Toys R Us is located. Took the MTR again and it’s just near.  If you are coming from the Hong Kong Side, Tsim Sha Tsui is just 2 stations away from Central.Continue reading “Family Mode: Visiting Tsim Sha Tsui”

Family Mode: The Peanuts Movie

Watched The Peanuts Movie before the year ended.  My daughter loved it.  Full of funny scenes, but what made it more meaningful is the story of friendship between Charlie Brown and Snoopy, and the whole Peanuts gang. Always there for each other, Snoopy, the beagle, is truly Charlie Brown’s bestfriend. There’s also some kind ofContinue reading “Family Mode: The Peanuts Movie”

Family Mode: Christmas Village in Manila Hotel

Today is Christmas Day!  Merry Christmas! If you don’t want to stress yourself on where to bring the kids today, you might want to bring them to the Christmas Village in Manila Hotel.  Yes, you heard it right, in Manila Hotel. Their Grand Lobby is made even grander with their giant sized Christmas Tree, theContinue reading “Family Mode: Christmas Village in Manila Hotel”

Family Mode: Shopkins Christmas Tree

While we were decorating the tree with the usual ornaments, it got a little boring.  It’s lacking something. I look around the room and saw my daughters’ Shopkins figures.  That gave me an idea and that’s what led to our Shopkins Christmas Tree! Our tree may be small but it’s Super Cute!  Close look ofContinue reading “Family Mode: Shopkins Christmas Tree”

Family Mode: Gift Giving

Simple gifts for our daughter’s classmates…  Spread the love, spread some sweets… Let’s all eat some huge mallows! DIY Personalized and Customized gift tags for each one of them!  Credits to Daddy again! Kids were the ones who put the stickers on. They enjoyed it so much. On a serious note, instilling the value ofContinue reading “Family Mode: Gift Giving”

Family Mode: Customizing our Princess Cake!

Since Red Ribbon doesn’t have Hello Kitty Themed Cakes, we just chose a suitable cake for our party.  We chose this Princess Fondant Cake for our Mini Princess.  The cake is pink and yellow, just like Hello Kitty’s colors.  Credits to my creative husband who conceptualized what to do with the cake to make itContinue reading “Family Mode: Customizing our Princess Cake!”

Family Mode: Souvenir for our Bunso’s Birthday!

3 weeks prior to our baby’s Jollibee Party, we were looking for something useful and practical but at the same time cute for souvenir at her party. Our theme is Hello Kitty, I was sure there would be a lot of stocks. So we browsed through store after store looking for THE ONE! And weContinue reading “Family Mode: Souvenir for our Bunso’s Birthday!”

Family Mode: Papal Commemorative Coin 2

Another wonderful surprise! I got another email from the Cash Department of Bangko Sentral. My orders of the Php500.00 Papal Commemorative Coin have been granted. Unlike the Php50.00 denomination, this one comes with a box. The coin is encased in a protective plastic. See more pictures below: Love these coins. Definitely a keeper!

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