Entertainment: Chocolate NIPS jingles

When I first heard this jingle on radio, memories flashed back.  The times we used to sing the old Nips Jingle and make actions using our hands.  Now, fast forward to 2016 and I am hearing a familiar jingle all over again.  While I  was searching for a copy of the newest jingle, I foundContinue reading “Entertainment: Chocolate NIPS jingles”

Public Service: February 25 – a Holiday

Hey guys!  Here’s a good news for everyone. February 25, 2016 was declared a Special Non Working Holiday to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution. This proclamation was signed way back July 2015 by the President.  That’s why it’s red in the calendar this year.  This day is usually declared aContinue reading “Public Service: February 25 – a Holiday”

Thumbs Up: Ma’am, I salute you!

I witnessed again and again how this wonderful woman treats these lucky cats and their caretakers. I will keep her anonymous and just call her Ma’am because she’s doing her thing unannounced and that’s her right, but I just think she deserves to be lauded for the things she does. Ma’am passes by this parkingContinue reading “Thumbs Up: Ma’am, I salute you!”

Food Trip: Farewell to Hotel Intercon

It’s December 31, 2015 and it’s a bittersweet year ender for the Hotel Intercontinental as it says goodbye to us.  It will close down after almost 50 years of operation to give way to a large scale development by the Ayalas. I remember attending my aunt’s debut there when I was still a young child. Continue reading “Food Trip: Farewell to Hotel Intercon”

Family Mode: Christmas Village in Manila Hotel

Today is Christmas Day!  Merry Christmas! If you don’t want to stress yourself on where to bring the kids today, you might want to bring them to the Christmas Village in Manila Hotel.  Yes, you heard it right, in Manila Hotel. Their Grand Lobby is made even grander with their giant sized Christmas Tree, theContinue reading “Family Mode: Christmas Village in Manila Hotel”

Public Service: Online Ticketing at Robinson’s Movieworld

There are only a few cinemas that we watch movies on. Our most favorite is the Dolby Atmos Cinemas at the new Promenade Cinema in Greenhills. Then for the others, it’s usually Lucky Chinatown Cinema in Binondo or Robinson’s Movieworld in Magnolia. We planned this movie date since the first day showing of A SecondContinue reading “Public Service: Online Ticketing at Robinson’s Movieworld”

Public Service: A Teacher in Need

A teacher is our second mother.  Our home away from home.  I have met some of the best teachers and I am grateful to them for helping my parents mold me into what I am now. Now that I am a parent myself, I am depending on my daughter’s teachers to teach her what IContinue reading “Public Service: A Teacher in Need”

Public Service: Salba-Bote

I came across the Salba-Bote when I was browsing the newspaper the other day.  The Salba-Bote is an improvised flotation device.  It is made of 4 empty PET bottles placed inside a mesh bag which a person could wear to help him float.  These salba-botes can also be connected together to form a raft.  ItContinue reading “Public Service: Salba-Bote”

Baby Thing: EQ Dry Bonding Time Buddies

Hooray for EQ’s newest promo!  Time to take out my stash! I always keep the diaper wrappers Shobe consumes so that when there are promos like this, I could join. Besides being affordable and compatible with my baby’s bum, what I love about EQ is they have a lot of promos. Each wrapper has aContinue reading “Baby Thing: EQ Dry Bonding Time Buddies”

Passport Renewal 2015 – Actual Appointment

We have set up an appointment a few weeks back, now it’s time for the actual renewal of Passport. 1) Check your documents. Few days before the actual appointment arrives, check your documents. The Application Form must be printed on a LONG BOND PAPER. Photocopies of your old passport’s first and last page must beContinue reading “Passport Renewal 2015 – Actual Appointment”

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