Food: Cafe Aquatica Manila

Good news for everyone!  Cafe Aquatica, that famous and relaxing fish shop / cafe in Greenhills, just opened their 2nd shop in Binondo, Manila! It’s very near my workplace, about 5 minute walk.  This new branch is just a quaint coffee shop / restaurant.  Don’t expect something like their branch in Greenhills.   It stillContinue reading “Food: Cafe Aquatica Manila”

Travel: US Visa Approved!

Throwback to the day of our appointment: You can imagine our happy state as we walked away from the booth of the consul who said that our passports will be delivered in our address in the application!  My daughter’s got a twinkle in her eyes! On exactly the 5th day after the appointment, we receivedContinue reading “Travel: US Visa Approved!”

Public Service: Modus on Parking for US Visa Applicants

Our scheduled appointment was 8:45am.  US Embassy wants you to be there at least 15 minutes before your schedule.  Together with the kids, we left the house at 630am.  We got into the tail of traffic at Quirino Highway so we decided to take another route.  Fortunately, the longer route wasn’t as jammed as theContinue reading “Public Service: Modus on Parking for US Visa Applicants”

Travel: Booking Daj Suites

The first thing to do when going on a trip is to find a place to stay.  A comfortable and clean place where you can achieve the relaxation you want.  All the others follow. Browsing through the hotels, the apartelles, the inns and what have yous made me so dizzy.  Good thing Daj Suites poppedContinue reading “Travel: Booking Daj Suites”

Travel: Renewal of Canadian Visa

Previous months back, had an experience with applying online for a Visa.  I almost had a heart attack.  Read on my experience here. Of course, mistakes of the past are meant to be lessons of the future. One of our immediate family members needed to renew her Canadian Visa.  So I filled up her forms online,Continue reading “Travel: Renewal of Canadian Visa”

Family: EQ Dry Buddy Bag

Hey mommies! EQ is at it again! And I was so excited, I already sent my entries before I wrote this post.   As you see, I am an avid collector of EQ Dry Diaper Packaging and I always wait for times like this!   Photo from EQ Diapers Facebook Page This is the latestContinue reading “Family: EQ Dry Buddy Bag”

Food Trip: Brad and Pit’s Ribshack

New place to hang out.  Still in Kapitolyo.  I love this area.  A hub of old and new places for foodies like me. Brad and Pit’s is my kind of place.  A little bit rustic, the walls full of chalkboard with sayings and what nots. This is a place for a good chill out timeContinue reading “Food Trip: Brad and Pit’s Ribshack”

Public Service: Artistically Tristanne

You might be curious as to why I titled this blog post as Public Service.  Well, I personally think that I am doing the public a favor by introducing them this super duper talented and artistic lady who goes by the name of Tristanne.  I am always in awe when I see her Facebook postsContinue reading “Public Service: Artistically Tristanne”

Public Service: BIR Promo

If you are a shopper who loves shopping at 168, Divisoria Mall, 999, 1188, Lucky Chinatown or Dragon 8, then this is the Promo for you!!! We all know that these shops don’t issue Official Receipts and BIR is having a hard time asking them to pay taxes. So BIR Manila thought of a wayContinue reading “Public Service: BIR Promo”

Public Service: #freefromfear

We have all experienced this at some point in our lives.  Back when I used to walk from our house to my workplace, everyday’s the same, men who I passed through would greet “Good Morning Ma’am” or “Hi Ganda (Hi Beautiful!).”  It may or may not be known to those men that their supposed “greeting”Continue reading “Public Service: #freefromfear”

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