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Photo Jog inside Malacanang Palace Grounds

I felt like jogging one Saturday morning so I did and it was refreshing. Jose P Laurel Street is a long stretch. I pass by this street everyday by car and I love how the trees line the street especially near the Malacanang Gates. While jogging though, I can’t help but stop at the wonderfulContinue reading “Photo Jog inside Malacanang Palace Grounds”

Morning Eats at Greenhills!

This is where you could eat when roaming around Greenhills early in the morning on a Saturday. Fresh from the Promenade, walked towards the strip of restos in front of Shoppesville. 1) Krispy Kreme 2) McDonald’s 3) Max’s 4) Tim Horton’s 5) Army Navy 6) Casa Reyes 7) Bulacan Lugaw Kitchen 8) Dunkin Donuts 9)Continue reading “Morning Eats at Greenhills!”

The Grid at the Powerplant Mall

The new wing of Powerplant Mall houses a unique kind of food hall that focuses on the food they serve rather than their “brand.” The Grid Food Market did away with individual branding of the food stalls. Instead, they focused on what specialty that food stall has to offer. The hall was divided into aContinue reading “The Grid at the Powerplant Mall”


Braved the rain to go to the newest place to hang out in San Juan. Courtyard@453 is located at 453 P. Guevarra Street San Juan, hence the name with the 453. And unlike other food parks in the metro, this courtyard has parking spaces and the actual dining area is air conditioned. Inside, a brightContinue reading “Courtyard@453”

Open Kitchen

As food parks keep on sprouting all over the metro, we tumbled upon a newly opened one in Quezon City. It’s called Open Kitchen and it’s located along P Tuazon. So many ‘kitchens’ to choose from. Here is the map of the kitchens in 2 floors. There could be at least 30 kitchens available now.Continue reading “Open Kitchen”

Free Admission to The National Planetarium

The Planetarium is just a ride away from where I grew up but unfortunately, I haven’t been there. No fret though, now is the time!   In celebration of the National Heritage Month, the National Planetarium is extending its Free Admission Promo until May 31, 2017. Check out the photo to see the schedule ofContinue reading “Free Admission to The National Planetarium”

Promo: Starbucks 2017 Planner

It has been a tradition to most of us to collect Starbucks stickers to get that “Starbucks Planner”.   I particularly can’t get rid of this tradition even if I  am not that much of a coffee drinker. Check to read on the full mechanics on how to get this planner. Simply put though, to getContinue reading “Promo: Starbucks 2017 Planner”

Food: Pansit

I just have to share with you one of the best pansits in town! Just the way I like it.   Hot. All pansit (noodles) and minimal sahog (toppings). Not too salty. Very tasty! Yummy! Eating it for breakfast now. You can find them at Hormiga Street in Binondo Manila.  It is just a smallContinue reading “Food: Pansit”

Food: Tori Box

One Sunday evening, my cousin and her boyfriend dropped by to visit the kids.  Since we stayed home all day, we were excited to go out and grab some dinner. Browsing through the internet for places to eat, we found ourselves going to the U Belt in Espana.  Depended on Waze to bring us toContinue reading “Food: Tori Box”

Food: The Goodness of 100% Buffalo Milk

We are always left with no room for dessert after we have a meal.  So we decided to have desserts first! Braved the drive from Batangas to Sta Rosa just to have a taste.  We don’t regret skipping dinner over pastillas and ice cream! Buffy’s is a quaint little store that sells Fresh Buffalo Milk,Continue reading “Food: The Goodness of 100% Buffalo Milk”