a little reminiscing… our proposal story!

things happen when you least expect it I didn’t expect that Dennis will be proposing anymore. We’ve been preparing for the wedding for a few months now and almost everything is finalized already.  So why propose pa? But, to my delight, he still did! And I really am so happy he did! He really planned forContinue reading “a little reminiscing… our proposal story!”

green zone

We just finished watching a good movie entitled “GREEN ZONE.” Damon teams up once again with Paul Greengrass, the director who gave us The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum.  Both these films received numerous awards. The movie was set in Green Zone, Baghdad, Iraq.  It narrates how the US Government led the people inContinue reading “green zone”

our dog named sparkey!

our dog is a mini – pinscher, we named him sparkey because my husband loves cars. you might be wondering now what’s the connection with his name and cars. sparkey was derived from the word sparco, which is a world renowned brand that carries racing suits, racing gears, and a lot more. it has becomeContinue reading “our dog named sparkey!”

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