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Phat Pho Vietnamese Kitchen

Phat Pho Vietnamese Kitchen is part of The Moment Group. This resto serves Vietnamese Cuisine.  We frequented their Powerplant Rockwell Branch before the Enhanced Community Quarantine. This is something I really crave now that we are in quarantine.

We order more or less the same stuff every visit. So it’s just fitting to say that these are our favorites and we are crazy for their PHO!

PHO BO – Classic Vietnamese Beef Soup with shaved US Angus Beef
PHO GA – Classic Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup

Their PHOs are really one of the bests. To cater to everyone’s taste, there’s always Chicken Noodle Soup and Beef Soup. The soup broth is satisfying, warms the tummy everytime. Noodles cooked just right. Not too sloppy.


Their Satays are also good, doesn’t matter if it’s beef, pork or chicken. Tender meat, not chewy. Even the kids like them.

Chilled Shrimp

Another staple in our meal is the Chilled Shrimp. It’s filled to the brim. 1 whole shrimp per half roll. It’s not all Rice Vermicelli, lots of veggies as well. Best to eat it with their vinegar and peanut sauce. And you can always ask for more sauce!

Com Chien

We tried their “fried rice” and we liked it too. Kids wanted to eat rice with their satay and crispy roll.

Crispy Egg Rolls

They also have Banh Mi (sandwiches) if you are in a hurry or isn’t that hungry.

I am just hoping that this crisis will end soon so we could go back to our normal lives. Although I know it’s a long way to go.

For now, let’s be productive as we do our part of staying at home, while the frontliners risk their lives to protect us and to fight COVID-19.

Thanks everyone. Stay safe!


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