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TanTea PH

It was almost a year ago when I heard of Tan Tea. The brand originated from Hong Kong and they have more than 80 stores in Hong Kong and China. They will be expanding here in the Philippines and to other countries as well.

With 5 branches already opened during their first year, they keep on getting bigger and bigger.

TanTea Binondo

Photo From TanTea Binondo FB Page
Photo from TanTea Philippines
Photo from TanTea Philippines

TanTea SM North EDSA

Photo from TanTea Philippines

TanTea Tomas Morato

Photo from TanTea Philippines
Photo from TanTea Philippines
Photo from TanTea Philippines

TanTea Banawe

Photo from Tan Tea Banawe FB Page
Photo from Mr Brian Lee

TanTea Alabang

All the stand alone banches have instagrammable interior, cozy atmosphere and laid back vibe to get you that chill mood going. So pretty and unique. Perfect for dates, hangout with friends or even Sundays with your family.

Photo from TanTea Philippines

They vow to offer innovative and healthier options in the market with their (real) fruit infused teas, drinks with organic peach gums, the freshest and finest ingredients only for their drinks.

You may ask, what is peach gum? These are the solids of a sap secreted from the bark of a peach tree. Its main ingredient is Collagen. It’s been used in Chinese Traditional Medicine as an anti-aging ingredient. And it’s so amazing that we could have it in our drinks. Peach gum intake will help us stay beautiful and young.

Photo from TanTea Philippines
Photo from TanTea Philippines

This was my very first sip of TanTea Milk Tea back in April 2019. Tasted really like how milk tea’s supposed to taste like.

Iced Milk Tea

Here are some of Tan Tea’s Best Sellers. There is a drink for various taste buds.

For me, the dirty bottle series is my favorite! Super simple ingredients – pearl milk and strawberry or mango bits then you’re good to go. Such a refreshing drink!

Mango Milk in Dirty Bottle
Strawberry Milk in Dirty Bottle
Brown Sugar Peach Gum Milk Tea Dirty Bottle

For health buffs who don’t want the cream in their drinks, the fruit infused sodas and teas will surely catch your attention! Real fruit slices in your favorite tea based drink.

Fresh Lemon Green Tea
Fresh Grapefruit Green Tea
Four Seasons Soda

Of course, they also have the drinks with cream cheese, your basic milk tea and the newest in their line, the Brown Sugar Series.

Osmanthus Oolong Cream Cheese
Tan Tea Milk Tea
Brown Sugar Milk Tea

Check out their extensive menu. There is something for everyone.

Photo from TanTea Philippines

Check out TanTea Philippines or the nearest branch to you and have your own TanTea Experience.

If you’re at home or in the office and can’t go to their branches, they are available through Food Panda and Grab so there’s always a way to have your TanTea!

Keep Calm because it’s definitely TanTea Time! 😊


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