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Monga Fried Chicken

I love Taiwanese Fried Chicken and I miss it terribly. But since we can’t go out of the country just yet because of COVID-19, let me share you where I get my fix of Taiwanese Fried Chicken for the meantime.

We know of Hot Star but it didn’t really run well in the Philippines as it was nothing compared to its original counterpart in Taiwan.

For sure, you’ve seen my post before about Eat Together Food Hall in Capitol Commons. This is where the secret is!

Monga, a popular chain in Taiwan, is brought to the Philippines by the Vikings Group. As of today, they already have 3 branches – SM Megamall, SM North EDSA and 2/L Eat Together Food Hall in Capitol Commons.

Menu Board

Huge Monga Fried Chicken to satisfy our cravings! It’s super affordable too! An order is good for sharing, but I doubt you’ll share yours! 😂

Chee – Z Signature

The Chee-Z Signature has overflowing cheese on top of the chicken. The chicken is very tender.


The Tanker tastes a little different from the Chee-Z Signature because of the Japanese Sauce inside the chicken and of course, the seaweed on top.

Popcorn Chicken

The Popcorn Chicken tastes somewhat alike to Hot Star’s Chicken. It’s crunchy and meaty.

Fried King Oyster Mushroom

Aside from the chicken, the Fried King Oyster Mushroom is also something to look forward to.

Definitely worth the travel if you’re somewhere from Manila, going to Pasig or Ortigas. 😁

Check out Monga Philippines Facebook Page to know more about them and if they have promos.


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