Kandle Cafe

Unique concept, cool vibe and very relaxing atmosphere, this is what Kandle Cafe can offer you!  This coffee shop is different from your usual coffee place, it’s not cramped, it’s totally spacious!

Even the entrance to the coffee shop was given thought!  Displayed are some bikes and scooters along the entrance path.

They also have this round block with their name on it!

This one’s amazing!  They made an aquarium (with real fishes) on one of the walls!

Once you get inside, the walls are adorned.

For photo addicts like us, the statement wall is the bomb! I love the vintage knick knacks displayed here.

Too pre-occupied and too happy to be taking photos of our drinks! I only got 2!  Next time maybe!

By the way, Kandle Cafe has an outdoor area too!  And they have this glass waterfall installed for a forestry vibe.  Of course, the splashing sounds of the water adds up to your relaxing mode.


The overall concept of Kandle Cafe really made me feel at home and relaxed!  I will definitely be back!


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