Landers x Caltex

It’s not too late! You still have today and 2 more days to gas up and fill your tanks!

I did today and I was in and out in less than 10 minutes! The best time is right after you drop your children to school. But make sure it’s not too off your usual route as the savings may not be worth it compared to your hassle and your actual trip.

I was about 2 cars away when I took this photo and since there are 4 slots, I got called even before I finished uploading.

Actual fuel prices today!

I filled up the tank up to 41.692 Liters! I practically saved Php 416.92.

My receipt! My fuel price at Php 41.32 / Liter instead of Php 51.32.

This is so worth it when your tank’s drained. Mine was on the last line.

Good job Landers!

To know more about their sale, pleade go to Landers Superstore Facebook Page.

See you on Friday! 😎

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