Food Trip: Cafe Aquatica

Back in the day, me and my cousins used to buy fighting fishes for a few pesos.  We put them in used jars separately and just let them stay there.

Fast forward to today, these fighting fishes are called Premium Dragon Bettas.  We can find them on display and on sale in Cafe Aquatica in Promenade, Greenhills.

Its owner, Kenbert, is an avid collector and he has won so many awards.

Cafe Aquatica doubles as a cafe where one can relax and just enjoy looking at the various aquariums with some featuring an amazing waterfall display.  You can see the video here.

These displays can go up to a half million pesos.  Wow!  

Now for the food, they have very easy on the budget meals.  It maybe be for a few hundred pesos but the serving’s definitely big.  

My 2 favorites are the Bagnet and the Chicken Fingers!

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