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Public Service: #freefromfear

We have all experienced this at some point in our lives.  Back when I used to walk from our house to my workplace, everyday’s the same, men who I passed through would greet “Good Morning Ma’am” or “Hi Ganda (Hi Beautiful!).” 

It may or may not be known to those men that their supposed “greeting” is actually a form of harassment.  They probably thought they are doing you a favor by saying something nice.

What they don’t know is that their supposedly nice and no malice greeting actually make you uncomfortable and somewhat scared.

After all, you are out in the streets walking alone and by yourself.  The fear of the bad things that might happen is frightening enough.

I am glad that UN is doing something to prevent this kind of harassment.  I totally support this campaign. 


The Free From Fear Campaign aims to stop street harassment and sexual violence against women in public spaces.  They are teaching women how to stop it by using the 4Rs.

Know your rights.

If you feel safe, you may tell the harasser that what he did makes you uncomfortable and him rude.  Don’t be passive.  Let him know how you feel.

Share your experience to your family, friends, colleagues or even social media.  You may also report to the police.

Don’t tolerate the harassment.  Speak out.

For more information on this campaign, check out this video, Safe Cities Free From Fear.

Let’s all enjoin our hands and support this. 


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