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Food Trip: Shake Shake Fries

Even if we have McDo in Manila, we always find ourselves in McDo Hong Kong.  Why?  Because they usually offer a lot more than we do.  A good example is their Shake Shake Fries. 

In the Philippines, you need to pay if you want your fries flavored.  Here in Hong Kong, they give you a Shaker and let you choose a flavor automatically once you order fries.

We ordered a Value Meal last night when we arrived at the HKIA.  Their flavor now is Seaweed Flavor. 


It doesn’t taste funny and it actually tastes good.  It’s like your eating a regular chips in Seaweed Flavor.

They also have another flavor, the Honey Bbq.  This one’s better than the Seaweed.  It’s not salty and it blends well with the fries as well.

Forgot to take a picture as we immediately devoured all.


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