Entertainment: 50 Shades The Musical Parody

Omg! Just finished watching 50 Shades The Musical Parody!  It’s really hilarious!  Everyone’s so into it and we are all just laughing our hearts out!


I got our tickets at 30% off.  From the regular tickets at Php2,500.00 for Loge seats, I got it only at Php1,750.00 each.  So I paid Php3,500.00 for 2 tickets. 

When we got to the Carlos Romulo Auditorium at RCBC Plaza, we were told that we can get Orchestra Seats because the show’s not filled up. 

What a lucky day!

We ALL know about the real 50 Shades of Grey Story, don’t get shy about knowing it.  It’s normal and we should be proud that we read all 3 books in such a short time and we watched the film on its first day and that we can’t wait for the 2nd film! Hahaha!

The 50 Shades Musical Parody takes off from the original story but it’s entirely a different show altogether.  They made it super funny!  The sexual content is there but you will laugh it off! 

I don’t want to divulge any information because it will ruin the surprises they prepared for the show.

It is a must watch.  It’s still showing.

For more details, check out the Official 50 Shades Website here.

This is brought to us by Vivre Fort Entertainment.

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