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Family Mode: Contractubex

With kids who are always on the go, it is hard to keep them out of trouble.  Trouble may not always mean that they did something wrong, it may mean that they have encountered something bad. 

One of these bad things may be wounds that will eventually lead to scarring.  Fortunately there is Contractubex to minimize the scarring or if not, erase the scar altogether. 


My daughter had a scar on her arm and it’s beginning to get keloidy.  So before it turns really ugly, I have started applying Contractubex to said scar at least thrice a day. 

This is how it looks now, I will continuously update this post as we go along.  So that we can check if it’s effective.


I hope it is effective so that my daughter can get her clear skin back.

Update – 01.28.2016

How the scar looks after 1 week. Not much of a difference.


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