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Food Trip: Magnolia Ice Cream House

Instead of the usual Birthday Dinner for my daughter’s exact birthday celebration, we had an Ice Cream Celebration at Magnolia House.


Thank you to the staff and management of the Magnolia House for giving us a cutie ice cream cake.  They even played a birthday song and sang for our baby!


For the kids, we ordered an Ernie and Bert.  It’s basically a regular ice cream cone plated with whipped cream and surrounded by fruit loops.  You can have this for only Php140.00.


We also tried Mango Royale.  It’s a mango graham cake but with quality mangoes and mango ice cream spread with some whipped cream and topped with nuts.  I love that the mangoes they used didn’t give me scratchy throat.  Mango Royale is a catch at Php260.00.


The best thing we ordered that night, the Choco Lava!  Hot Chocolate Cake filled with oozing chocolate filling topped with Vanilla Ice Cream.  It’s so simple but it’s so good!!!  And guess how inexpensive this yummy goodness is, it’s only Php240.00!!!

I am definitely coming back for more!!!

Magnolia House is located at Robinson’s Magnolia in New Manila, Quezon City.  They close late at night so after the mall closes, you can still have your share of ice cream.


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